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November 10, 2011

Inspiration. A complex word underlining an even more complex significance. When you get to know a sneaker, it’s very uncommon to know its origins, whether a stuffed animal, a combat plane, or an insect that only lives for a day.

For the 420, New Balance based itself on something much simpler, a shoe. Case in point, the saddle, a model which is usually  two toned and that people attribute to the 50′s, college parties and old school rock’n roll.

It has a clean design, and the lateral piece bringing support to the heel is borrowed from the saddle .

The piece encircling the base of the foot is featured on a lot of New Balance’s models. On an adjusted silhouette, they placed a reinforced toe to distance itself from the authentic saddle shoe.

Just like cupcakes and black rimmed glasses, the saddle shoe trend comes and goes. The sneaker inspired by it, the NB 420, never goes out of style.

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