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November 7, 2011

For our Exquisite Moustache, Exclusive Shoes month, we’re doing a lot around Movember and our special edition footwear. Sivasdescalzo loves Movember, which encourages dudes to grow a moustache during November to raise awareness for prostate cancer. We’re so fond of Moustache Season that we’ll donate 1€ to Movember for every individual who uploads a moustache picture of themselves onto Sivasdescalzo’s Facebook wall.

Don’t have a moustache? Get growing! Can’t grow one? Be creative! Paint in on, use photoshop, a prop, your own hair, someone else’s hair (preferably with their consent) or a plain ‘ol finger to fake the stache. The important is to participate.

Step 1. Upload your picture onto Sivasdescalzo’s Facebook page.

Step 2. Tag yourself, and @Movember UK or @Movember Spain.

Step 3. Invite your moustacheer friends to do the same.

Et voilà! Sivasdescalzo will donate 1€ to Movember.

Becoming a Movember ambassador, a.k.a Mo Bro or Mo Sista, means joining the movembolution. Follow our footsteps (and upper lip growth) on Facebook to see how we’re rocking the stache and supporting Movember. You can also donate directly to Movember via Sivasdescalzo’s Exquisite Moustache Team. Viva Moustache Season!

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