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February 17, 2012

You think sneakers are just for dressing down? Guess again. This Fashion Friday, sivasdescalzo wants you to make like Barney Stinson and suit up. Thing is, we think you can out-dress and out-awesome Barney by adding a few key touches that will leave him biting your dust.

Start with a skinny fit jacket and trousers in navy. Fit here is important to avoid giving off the Wall Street vibe. These awesome Wilde Oscar sunglasses, available at Wilde Vintage, are the latest in eye fashion. To help remind you that “time is money”, we recommend this minimalist watch by Defakto. This old school rucksack beats the suitcase any day, and makes it easier in case you want to skateboard into work.

Then come the sneakers. Our pick: Supra Cuttler Low Chili Red. This vibrant tone of red, verging on orange, gives this look a new dimension. Keeping with the minimal aesthetic of the Cuttler silhouette, these sneakers are so versatile, even the Barneys of this world can incorporate them into their wardrobe.

supra cuttler low chili red

At only 85€, these leather beauties are choice for making any of your outfits pop this season. What are you waiting for? Suit up!

sneakers – Supra Cuttler Low Chili at

suit –

sunglasses – Wilde Oscar Cubismo by Wilde Vintage

rucksack -Dean by Ally Capellino

watch – Defakto

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