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March 7, 2012

You love sneakers, but because of your large foot size you find yourself with lackluster options? sivasdescalzo looks to help those with big feet with the “Bigfoot Manual” – Everyday solutions for people with large feet! Take a look at our amazing infomercial where you’ll learn all about the Manual’s tips and tricks that deal with having big feet! Also, make sure to follow our blog with weekly tips taken from the Bigfoot Manual!

sivasdescalzo offers an even better alternative for those with large size feet… You can access sivasdescalzo’s bigfoot section with sneakers sizes 46 and up, absolutely free! It even features exclusive collaborations like the recently released¬†adidas ObyO David Beckham ZX 800, with much more to choose from.

adidas obyo db zx 800

Go ahead, browse the large size section of our web to see if one of our models tickles your fancy. If you’re size isn’t available in the selection, contact us as we¬†may be able to order it for you.

sivasdescalzo - Making life easier for bigfoots everywhere.

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