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April 20, 2012

The music festival season has officially kicked off with Coachella, and with it begins summer’s most stellar street styles. Music festivals are the most common excuse to push one’s own style boundaries as nothing is deemed too extravagant when indie music, alcohol and large crowds of hipsters mix on an isolated field for 3 days.

To push our styling prowess to the limit we’ve pulled the big guns: bright colours, bold prints, short shorts, funky accessories, and solid sneakers – all at once – to make sure you coyly out-style other festival goers and make that best dressed list for all the facehunters present. We included these multi-coloured bracelets by Elena Estaun, a jewelry designer we recently discovered and fell in love with. Most of the other pieces are from H&M‘s upcoming Fashion Against Aids collection, the perfect match for the music festival mood.

The star of the show? These classic 70′s Nike Blazer high tops, a sneaker that will always be in style just like unwavering Coachella headliners Pulp, Radiohead, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. Constructed of heavy duty nylon for extra sheen, the Nike Blazer High Vintage in Neptune Blue/Electric Green sneaker has just the right pops of colour and vintage accents, including an off-white midsole and leather swoosh, bringing major props to any outfit.

nike blazer high vintage neptune blue green electric

nike blazer high vintage neptune blue green electric

This festival season be on the ball with this amazing look!

sneakers – Nike Blazer High Vintage ND at

bracelets - jewelry designer Elena Estaun

shorts – zebra print shorts at H&M

jacket – Fashion Against Aids collection at H&M

top – Fashion Against Aids collection at H&M

headband – Fashion Against Aids collection at H&M

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