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April 4, 2012

You love cool sneakers, but your feet are just too large for what’s available? sivasdescalzo looks to help those with big feet with the “Bigfoot Manual” – Everyday solutions for people with large feet! After showing you our amazing infomercial, we’re now giving you a first sneak peak on the hottest tips and trick featured in our Bigfoot Manual with this special excerpt, “How to expand your shoes using a conflict“.

1. You’ll need 2 sturdy men (preferrably lumberjack competitors from the Basque country), a piece of chalk, and the shoe you want to expand.

2. Draw a line on the floor using the piece of chalk.

3-4. Create a situation of conflict by challenging each man to a test of strength using your sneaker as the focus of the battle.

5. Watch the tug of war unfold.

6. After the arduous confrontation, your sneakers should be a whole size larger!

Mind you if you cannot find 2 burly males to engage in a battle of the fittest, there exists another option… just check out our selection of large size sneakers 46 to 50 EU.

Check out the latest to arrive in large sizes, like the Nike Roshe Run:

Nike roshe run black

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