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May 22, 2012

After more than a year of blogging and discovering new sneaker blogs, we thought it would be a nice idea to introduce you to some of our favourites with this interview series.

Our first International blogger from the series is Marvin, a Filipino fascinated by sneakers and sneaker heads. For the past year he’s been documenting people and their eye catching footwear on his blog, Astron Sneaker Hunts. This time around, sivasdescalzo hunts the hunter.

How long have you been blogging for?
Initially I started blogging on 2007 with a personal blog, I stopped it by around 2009 because unfortunately when Blogger had a problem before, my blog was one of the ones that got deleted. Then after two years of break in regular blogging, I started Astron Sneaker Hunts on February of 2011.

What is it about your blog that sets you apart?
In the one year that I’ve been blogging for Astron Sneaker Hunts, I only encountered one other blog that has somewhat the same concept with mine. We feature and blog about sneakers and sneaker wearers, but in different contexts.

Favourite pair of sneakers of all time?
I’ll go with the Nike Air Max 1, but I’ll be giving my top three colorways/styles because it’s really hard to choose just one favorite among thousands of great sneakers. They would be the Atmos Premium Beast Pack – “Black/Black/Pro Gold”, “Maroon/White” that was released on 2011 and “Black/White/Sail”. Here’s an exception though, this is not a favorite but I would really love to have the Adidas Originals Jeremy Scott Wings Clear. I probably won’t get to wear it but I really find it aesthetically special.

How many pairs do you own?
I don’t really buy sneakers for collection’s sake, but my interest on them is quite more than the average. I have around 33 pairs.

Describe your sneaker collection.
I just buy sneakers for the sole purpose of wearing them. My sneakers are very versatile. I have lifestyle running sneakers from Nike and a lot of New Balance’s. While for Jordans, I have a couple, then for Nike SB I have one. Throw in a few Converse All Stars, a lot of Vans and some other few brands, then you have my stack.

What do your sneakers say about you?
I think it shows my flexibility as a person. I like change and being different, but also, I know where I belong. I wear different kinds of shoes in every occasion. I do wear an oxford and a desert boot if the event needs me so.

Tell us something about yourself that could surprise people.
I don’t know a lot about sneakers. If you ask me about OG’s or history of some of the greatest sneakers, I wouldn’t really know how to answer them. But I’m slowly leaerning and becoming more familiar of the ins and outs of the culture.

What music have you been listening to lately?
I’ll just give you the top five artists that have been on the loop in my list instead. The Airplane Boys, Patrick Reza, Drake, The Weeknd and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.

Who are your favourite sneaker bloggers?
At the very top is the other sneaker blogger like me, Lester Jones of I Dig Your Sole Man. He’s actually one of my inspirations in creating my blog. Other than that, most sneaker blogs I go to are run by a team, Nice Kicks, Sneakernews and Kicksonfire.

Your sivasdescalzo Spring / Summer 2012 pick?
The Nike Air Max 1 ACG “Black/Black/Sail” since I’ve yet to have that.

nike air max 1 acg black sail

Thank you for giving us a taste of the sneaker culture in the Philippines!


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