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June 8, 2012

The Yeezy II, one of the most antipated sneaker drops OF THE DECADE, is coming to sivasdescalzo Saturday June 9th. Find out how to buy the Yeezy 2 online and offline.

To keep you tantalized leading up to this historical release and to celebrate Kanye’s 35th birthday today, we want to give you a glimpse of the man behind the sneaker with a few anecdotes that marked his rise to fame. Chapter 3: Fame & Controversy.

After College Dropout was released, Kanye’s ascension to stardom was unstoppable. Added to his multi-talents in the music arena, his strong personality and numerous antics kept his name on the front page. His impulsive nature has prompted many scandals, like his unscripted comment about president Bush during the live 2005 Hurricane Katrina Benefit, or the time he jumped onstage during the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech to say Beyonce was more deserving. Throughout all the controversy, he kept releasing hit after hit, and as long as his music career was doing well, he could start looking at other industries to conquer.

His lavish lifestyle and designer clothes had often been subject of talk, but when he started showing interest in the realm of design, we knew it wasn’t just for show. Now that his dream to become a rapper had been realized, his aspiration was now set on designing.  It started with a internships at Gap and Fendi, before getting more serious with a sneaker collaboration at Louis Vuitton. Rumours were also running about the launch of his first design label, Pastelle, which never ended up hitting shelves.

Then came the the buzz of his collaboration with Nike, the first (and only so far) the brand has done with a non-athlete. The hype started long before the release of the original Yeezy, which sold out in a few minutes and was resold at exorbitant prices. Then Kanye hit the big time when he presented his first design collection in Paris in 2011, a craft he continues perfecting. And now the Yeezy 2 is just a day away, with more hype than ever before.

It seems Kanye really likes to beat the odds, and does it time and time again with incredible panache.

Happy Birthday Kanye, and may you keep many more surprises for us!

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