At sivasdescalzo
June 12, 2012

Not a 24 hour outdoor lineup, not an 800 km distance, nor rain, heat or exhaustion could stand in the way of the most die hard sneaker fans and their Nike Air Yeezy II last Saturday at sivasdescalzo.

The first in line on Friday morning was Chema, and soon Jordi, Nico, Francisco, Mike and dozens more followed. They had come from far and wide: all across Spain, Germany, Switzerland and even the U.S., to camp outside sivasdescalzo for one night to guaranty themselves a pair of Yeezy II.

The wait wasn’t easy, but the crowd made the most of it, sharing good conversation, some laughs, and a few games of poker. Some even played petanqua, led by 64 year old Pepe. Pepe was reserving a spot in line for his nephew, who was making his way from Switzerland by car!

Txemy entertained campers by exhibiting his graffiti artist talents. He painted an impressive piece inspired by the Yeezy 2 that is currently being auctioned off.

It has been a real pleasure for the sivasdescalzo team to share the Yeezy experience with all of you, while having the privilege to satisfy so many new Yeezy 2 owners (who earn their prize!). The day wouldn’t have been complete without a visit from the police and a few reporters (we were on Mexican TV!). At sivasdescalzo, the Yeezy 2 definitely lived up to the hype, and we can’t help but think that we may not experience anything like it in a long time…

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