At sivasdescalzo
June 7, 2012

If you haven’t gotten the memo yet, it’s time you checked out all the info regarding the release of the Yeezy 2 at sivasdescalzo. We will be selling a few pairs online and offline, and if you’re thinking of coming to buy a pair at our store on Saturday June 9th, you might want to think about lining up early.

To make the event more festive, Spanish artist Txemy will be spray painting his rendition of the Yeezy II in front of sivasdescalzo before the store opens at 10am. The piece will later be exposed at the sivasdescalzo store, until it is auctioned (more info).

Those who will be braving the streets of Barcelona for a night or two to secure their pair will be further rewarded, as we’ll be giving away a limited edition picture by Txemy to the first 20 in line to buy the Yeezy II. Txemy will be there to sign each copy as he hands his pictures out to the most eager Yeezy fans.

Txemy is synonymous with colour, it only takes one look at his work to take note (see above). When observing him in action, his plethora of colorful strokes first seem chaotic and void of sense, but as he approaches the completion of his piece, his purpose and vision are all too powerful.

For him, art is innovation. He elaborates his art based on research and observation, and has found inspiration from some of the greats such as Van Gogh, Jackson Polock and Basquiat among others. His work was featured most recently featured part of the ArtBox exhibit at Barcelona’s Internationally reknowned SWAB ART FAIR of contemporary art.

We invite all fans of art and sneakers to meet at sivasdescalzo next Saturday morning to see Txemy in action!

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